Do The Vinyls provide their own sound and lighting equipment?

Absolutely! We provide full professional backline and PA. We also provide our own lighting. It’s all included in the price!


Do The Vinyls charge for travel?

The quote considers where in the country we have to travel, and all is included in the price we quote.


Do The Vinyls learn our First Dance Song?

Yes! You have the option of selecting a song from our repertoire, or asking us to learn a song we do not currently do and it’s all included in the cost. What we ask is that you let us know the song you want no later than 2 months prior to the big day. We want to do it right for you after all!

We also offer playing an original recording through the PA if you’d prefer. For playing a recording, we would just need 7 days notice as to the song, just so that we can source it and make sure it’s on our system.


Will The Vinyls learn more songs for us?

There is no harm in asking us. If it’s a song we will use again, we have the time, and we are given enough notice, then we can endeavour to do it. However, if its album track from the forgotten album of a little known local band (you get the point 🙂 ) then it’s unlikely. At particularly busy times, we will not have the capacity to learn extra songs, which is why it is important to get any requests you have in 2 – 3 months prior to the big day.


Do The Vinyls call singers?

Only by prior arrangement with the bride and groom. You are paying good money for a professional band. It’s amazing just how quick things can descend once drunk uncle Pat, and your brothers mates girlfriend etc start attempting to belt out Niall Diamond :). Of course, we are a band that try to appeal to music lovers though, so by prior arrangement, if you have someone you want to belt out a song or a solo, we will accommodate it.


How Long does it take for you to load in and setup?

Once we are given access to the area, it generally takes approx 1hr. This can take a little longer if there are long courtyards, stairs, elevators etc to negotiate.


Can You setup before the meal?

It would be extra, and is not always possible (Or necessary). Please ask in advance.


When and How do we pay the balance?

There are 2 options. Our preferred method of payment is in cash on the night, BEFORE the band starts. Chasing drunk best men for payment is no fun after 3 hours work. It also prevents any embarrassment if the person with the purse strings can’t be found (Yep it happens! 🙂 ) If it’s all squared off before the party starts, everyone can just relax and enjoy the party!


Bank transfer, which must be cleared at least 3 days prior to the big day.


Are Booking Fee’s/Deposits refundable?

Booking Fee’s/Deposits are Non-Refundable

They reserve the date you book exclusively, and also cover admin, rehearsal, and any ad hoc activities associated with the booking etc.

If Government restrictions (E.G. Covid restrictions), your venue or Force Majeure cause an issue whereby the Band, DJ and/or Reception Duo are not required or permitted to play, we will work with our couples to find another available date. In the event that the couple choose a date that we are unavailable for, we currently work a booking fee transfer system with the Wedding Band Association which can be explained HERE

If the event proceeds without the services for which a booking fee has been received, booking fees/deposits will be forfeit. Refunds of booking fees will only be given in the event that the suppliers (The Vinyls) cannot, by their own fault, fulfil their obligations as agreed and arranged.